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Arnhem offers high conviction Separately Managed Account (SMA) portfolios designed to give investors access to global growth companies and industries not available in Australia.

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The Arnhem team’s commentary on changes in the market with topical analysis and industry insights.

Mickey Mouse Becomes Mega Mouse

When Bob Iger, Walt Disney’s Chairman and CEO announced that the company would be making a significant strategic shift in August this year, few might have imagined that this shift would include making the world’s premier premium content company even bigger, but that is exactly what has happened. Global Media Analyst Neil Boyd-Clark dissects the news on Disney acquiring the majority of 21st Century Fox Assets. Disney is a holding in both Arnhem Global SMA Portfolios.


The Beauty Industry: An Attractive Investment

The Beauty Industry is seeing strong growth, with premium products becoming more and more popular among consumers, thanks to social media, online tutorials and celebrity influencers. Consumer Discretionary and Retail Analyst, Bertrand Eury, looks at the trends in the industry and where the attractive investments lie.


How Green are Electric Vehicles?

As the the world strives works toward a sustainable energy future, we rely on new technology to help us lower emissions and still maintaining our lifestyle. However, sometimes going green isn’t as straight forward as we think. Arnhem Partner, Bruce Low, looks at Electric Vehicles (EVs) in Australia and runs the numbers to see how green they really are.


Building the Big Smoke

54% of the population now live in cities. With urbanisation on the rise, Arnhem Managing Partner, George Clapham, looks at the investment opportunities arising as the people move to the Big Smoke.


Nike: Just Automate It

Nike is already using 3D printers to make shoe prototypes, but as large apparel brands race to keep up with consumer trends, new manufacturing technology could see the company catch up with its fast fashion competitors. Bertrand Eury steps into the world of footwear apparel to look at Nikes big plans for supply chain automation.


Growth Over Income

Given the choice, most investors want growth and income in their portfolio. Despite the popularity of high yielding stocks, Arnhem Managing Partner George Clapham makes the case for fundamental growth stocks. Over the long term, they outperform their income counterparts, both in yield and capital growth.


Car Insurance Premiums at a Premium

There is lot of talk about the ‘Bill Shock’ Australians experience when they receive their power bill. Despite the hype around electricity, Mark Nathan warns consumers to brace themselves for their next car insurance notice as premium rates are also on the rise.


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