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Arnhem's Global SMA's

Arnhem offers high conviction Separately Managed Account (SMA) portfolios designed to give investors access to global growth companies and industries not available in Australia.

Our Global Industries Insights

The Arnhem team’s commentary on changes in the market with topical analysis and industry insights.

Fixing a Broker System

When it comes to buying a new house, more than half of Australians consult a mortgage broker. Mark Nathan and Mathieu Blake look at ASIC’s mortgage broker remuneration report, shedding some light on the shady side the industry.


Diversification: the Key to Smart Investing

Traditional global funds have fallen short for Australian investors when it comes to genuine equities diversification. Arnhem Global Growth and Arnhem Australia+ are our solution, offering truly diversified exposure to high growth global industries not available in Australia.


Intel – On the road to nowhere?

Intel announced that it plans to acquire Israeli company, Mobileye, in an all-cash deal for US$15bn, or a 36% premium to the current share price.

But does this acquisition allow Intel to catch up in systems for autonomous vehicles? We don’t believe so and prefer our holding in Nvidia


Why SMA’s?

Separately Managed Accounts are a professionally managed fund structure, giving investors transparency, tax benefits and the opportunity to own world class companies in their own name! Watch the video to see why SMA’s could be right for you.


That’s Not Cricket!

Watching the summer cricket is an Australian tradition, but is all that about to change? Arnhem Managing Partner, Neil Boyd-Clark, investigates the threat to our beloved sports coverage on free to air television.


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