Australian Equity Long Short Fund

High Conviction Long Short
Long Sustainable Growth
Short Structural Weakness

The Arnhem Long Short capability is a concentrated portfolio of between 25 and 40 stocks. The investment strategy typically maintains long positions in industries and companies that have above average long-term growth prospects, offset by under-weighting or shorting industries and companies with poor growth prospects or those which are overvalued.

Our research approach is based on a deep understanding of industry dynamics and focuses on identifying the key industry structural challenges that all businesses face.

Our long short strategy capitalises on the changing structural dynamics of industries and periodic over or under valuation of securities. This strategy provides investors with the opportunity to benefit from both rises and falls in share prices.

Key Features and Guidelines

The Fund is 130/30 long short concentrated strategy which holds between 25 and 40 long and short positions in listed securities on the ASX. Portfolio holdings are typically large and mid-cap companies.

Key Features

  • Fundamental 130:30 Long Short fund
  • Outperformance objective of 5-7% pa (S&P/ASX 200)
  • Investment time frame of 3-5 years
  •  Active share: 60-90%

Key Guidelines

  • Australian equities: 95% to 105%
  • Cash & Cash Equivalents: -5 to 5%
  • Number of securities: 25 to 40
  • Maximum Long Exposure: 130%
  • Maximum Short Exposure: 30%
How to Invest

BNP Paribas Asset Management offers a retail Arnhem Australian Equity Long Short fund. Application forms can be downloaded directly from their website.

Investments can be made via individual, company, partnership, SMSF and personal superannuation account structures.

Institutional investor can invest via an individually managed portfolio. Please contact us for more information


Disclaimer: Past Performance is no guarantee of future performance. Other than the “Cumulative” performance, performance greater than 1 year is shown as an annualised return. Performance is based on the respective wholesale strategies, and are presented before all management and custodian fees and charges. Retail investors who apply for units in a product where Arnhem is the underlying manager (including those offered by BNP Paribas Asset Management (Australia) Limited ABN 78 008 576 449, AFSL 223418 trading as BNP Paribas Asset Management (“BNPP AM”)) will achieve a net return which is the different to that shown on our website through the application of fees and charges. Performance from inception is from 31/05/2005.