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Arnhem Global Growth is a high conviction portfolio of quality International growth equities offered via separately managed account platforms. The strategy is designed to complement domestic equity portfolios by investing in global growth industries and equities not available in Australia. 

Examples of global growth industries include semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and renewable energy.

The portfolio employs an ‘overlap score’ which precludes ‘like’ domestic industries such as banks, REIT’s and resources from entering the portfolio to achieve true equities diversification for an investor’s equity portfolio.

Key Features and Guidelines

The portfolio is offered exclusively via separately managed account (SMA) which is a fully transparent investment structure. Investors retain beneficial ownership of the underlying equities with their very own cost base.

Key Features

  • High conviction portfolio with 15-30 best ideas
  • Direct exposure to high growth global industries inaccessible on the ASX
  • No international bank, reit, or resources companies are held
  • Low turnover (20-40%)
  • Benchmark unaware
  • Beneficial ownership of underlying equities lies with the investor
  • Full transparency on portfolio holdings
  • Dividends from global companies are paid directly into the investor’s cash account

Key Guidelines

  • Individual holding: Up to 10%
  • Cash Holdings: up to 25%
  • Global developed exchanges: no emerging markets
  • Maximum industry limit: 15% (GICS4)
How to Invest

Arnhem Global Growth is available via a Separately Managed Account (SMA) on a range of platforms, with a minimum investment of as little as A$50,000.  This means that while the stocks are handpicked and the portfolio managed by our experienced team of investment professionals, the shares are held in your name providing superior tax efficiencies.

Investments can be made via individual, company, partnership, SMSF and personal superannuation account structures

Speak to your financial planner about accessing our SMA’s on the Mason Stevens , Linear Managed Accounts , Hub24, Netwealth and Praemium platforms.

Direct applications can be made via the Netwealth, Hub24 and Mason Stevens Platforms. Please note applications via Hub24 and Mason Stevens require accountant certification of sophisticated investor status. Please contact Arnhem for further information.


Disclaimer: : Past Performance is no guarantee of future performance. Other than the “Cumulative” performance, performance greater than 1 year is shown as an annualised return. All Performance greater than 1 year is shown as an annualised return. The value of the model portfolio and the income derived from the associated investments decrease or increase from that appearing on the Website. Future returns are not guaranteed, and a loss of principal investment may occur. Information expressed is current information as of the date appearing on this Website only. The value of the model portfolio and the income derived from the associated investments expressly excludes any transaction costs (including, without limitation, any establishment, withdrawal, contribution, termination, switching and other service fees). The portfolio model performance information has been prepared by Arnhem. All information used for this calculation is considered to be from reliable resources but Arnhem cannot attest to its accuracy. This is not intended as investment advice nor should it be considered a solicitation or an offer to transact in the Model listed. The model performance has been calculated using the 1 January 2015 Arnhem Global Growth Model portfolio positions.

Any model portfolio that commenced on a date other than the one specified may hold different positions and will experience different returns which may be better or worse than the Arnhem model referenced above.