Australian Equity Core Fund

Australian Growth
Sustainable Earnings
Industry Focussed

The Arnhem Core capability is an equity portfolio of around 35 sustainable growth companies from within the Australian share universe.  The strategy is focused on selecting companies operating in well-structured industries and is designed to deliver above average capital gains over the medium and long term. 

Our research approach is based on a deep understanding of industry dynamics and focuses on identifying the key industry structural challenges that all businesses face.

Key Features and Guidelines

Through a carefully selected, portfolio of growth stocks, the strategy is suited to investors with a longer term investment horizon. Its focus on sustainable growth companies is expected to deliver superior capital gain over time.
Key Features

  • Outperformance objective of 2.5-4%pa (S&P/ASX 200)
  • Investment time frame of at least 5 years
  • Tax effective with low turnover (30-40% pa)

Key Guidelines

  • Fully invested in about 35 stocks
  • Risk controlled through stock and sector limits
How to Invest

Institutional investor can invest via an individually managed portfolio.  Please contact us for more information.