About Arnhem

Arnhem Investment Management is a boutique fund manager focused on delivering value through in-depth industry structure analysis and company research. With over 50 years of combined investment experience, the research team continues to deliver industry leading expertise.

The Arnhem Name

Arnhem captures the spirit of exploring for wealth, which is what we do for our investors

In 1623, Jan Carstenszoon was commissioned by the Dutch East Indies Company to head up an expedition to further explore the earlier sightings of Australia.

Two ships set forth: The Pera which was captained by Carstenzoon and the Arnhem captained by Willem van Colster. The Arnhem was named after the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands. It was the Arnhem that crossed the Gulf of Carpentaria sighting and hence naming Arnhem Land.

Just like the crew of the Arnhem, we are driven by exploring and discovering new opportunities.

Our History

May 2000

ABN AMRO Asset Management sets up an Australian Equity team in Sydney Australia. The first capability is launched in September 2000.

April 2008

The team forms a boutique investment management organisation, which is 60% owned by the investment team.

May 2010

We rename ourselves Arnhem Investment Management (‘Arnhem’). Arnhem remains 60% owned by the investment team.

July 2018

Arnhem becomes 100% owned by the investment team.