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Arnhem Investment Management is a boutique fund manager focused on delivering value through in-depth industry structure analysis and company research. With over 150 years of combined investment experience, the research team continues to deliver industry leading expertise.


Latest News

The Death of Volatility

Recent headlines have been filled with reports on volatility hitting record lows. Arnhem Partner and Equity Dealer, Simon Twiss, takes a step back to pull apart some of the underlying forces driving volatility lower, in a market seemingly full of surprises.


Reporting Season: What to Look For

Company Reporting Season is a busy time for fund managers and financial professionals, who wade through the barrage of financial results which will ultimately influence their views on companies. After 32 years in the industry, Arnhem Managing Partner, George Clapham, breaks down 7 key things he looks for when analysing a company report.


Filling a Gap in Healthcare Stocks

Arnhem Healthcare Analyst and Back-up Portfolio Manager, Gino Rossi, looks at the latest move away from classic healthcare stocks, with investors sheltering from regulatory risk in the US. As alternative healthcare stocks, like Dental and Animal health, see their value soar, are investors just swapping regulatory risk for the risk of overpaying for assets?


Are You Amazon Ready? – Take a look at Home Depot

Arnhem Managing Partner, George Clapham, looks at how Amazon is impacting retail markets. As recent moves by the online retailer has the Australian market wary, US DIY retailer, Home Depot, is a prime example of how businesses can counteract market fears and become Amazon ready.


How Nine Ate Ten

Arnhem Managing Partner, Neil Boyd-Clark, assesses the landscape of the Australian TV Industry. Drawing on US innovation, Australia’s big 3 TV broadcasters must adapt to subscription TV models and falling advertiser revenue, but the question remains whether Ten network will get back on its feet or be consumed by the rest of the industry.


Is Merck Leading the Way for Cancer Treatment?

Breakthroughs in Immuno-Oncology drugs have generated a lot of media attention and represent a big growth area in cancer treatment. Arnhem Healthcare Analyst and Global Portfolio back-up Manager, Gino Rossi, discusses the big players and the latest developments in treating the deadly disease.


Fixing a Broker System

When it comes to buying a new house, more than half of Australians consult a mortgage broker. Mark Nathan and Mathieu Blake look at ASIC’s mortgage broker remuneration report, shedding some light on the shady side the industry.


Diversification: the Key to Smart Investing

Traditional global funds have fallen short for Australian investors when it comes to genuine equities diversification. Arnhem Global Growth and Arnhem Australia+ are our solution, offering truly diversified exposure to high growth global industries not available in Australia.


ABC: The Business

Neil Boyd-Clark features on ‘The Business’ to discuss Elliot International’s proposal to demerge BHP Billiton and unlock billions of dollars of value for shareholders.


Intel – On the road to nowhere?

Intel announced that it plans to acquire Israeli company, Mobileye, in an all-cash deal for US$15bn, or a 36% premium to the current share price.

But does this acquisition allow Intel to catch up in systems for autonomous vehicles? We don’t believe so and prefer our holding in Nvidia


Why SMA’s?

Separately Managed Accounts are a professionally managed fund structure, giving investors transparency, tax benefits and the opportunity to own world class companies in their own name! Watch the video to see why SMA’s could be right for you.


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