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Arnhem Investment Management is a boutique fund manager focused on delivering value through in-depth industry structure analysis and company research. With over 150 years of combined investment experience, the research team continues to deliver industry leading expertise.


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Why is big, beautiful in Agriculture chemicals?

George Clapham looks at the increasing yield from arable land. The improvement in agricultural productivity is due to a combination of better farming practices, adoption of new seeds and traits, better weed, disease and pest control, improving fertility rates and lifting water efficiency.


Changing Lanes

Arnhem White Paper: The car industry has had a significant impact on our society over the last 100 years. We believe an acceleration of technological breakthroughs will likely see the global automotive industry change in the next 20 years. In this video, George Clapham provides a high level overview on these industry drivers.


Arnhem Australia+

We are delighted to introduce our new SMA strategy for the retail market called Arnhem Australia+ with an introduction from managing partner, George Clapham. Arnhem Australia+ is a high conviction SMA portfolio of quality growth Australian and international equities. The strategy gives investors the combined benefits of franked Australian dividend income with balanced exposure to high growth industries not available in Australia. It is available on the Hub24, Mason Stevens and Linear managed account platforms.


This time it is different!

Arnhem White Paper: It only took 15 years! When the Nasdaq Composite index in the US hit 5,000 again in April 2015, the market was immediately reminded of the bad old days in the late nineties. In this article, Arnhem Global SMA portfolio manager Theo Maas will answer the question whether we are seeing a similar market environment for tech companies today.


Chipping away at the semiconductor industry

Arnhem White Paper: The semiconductor industry is a mysterious beast. Its products vary from highly commoditised chips called ‘DRAM’ which are used extensively in personal computers through to extremely specialised manufacturing equipment like lithography machines. It’s grown from the early days of Intel in the 1970’s to modern day $350bn industry we now know it as. Here to help you understand this exciting and innovative growth industry is Arnhem’s Global SMA portfolio manager Theo Maas.


The Coal Industry

Arnhem White Paper: Arnhem Investment Management’s Coal white paper, provides a context for the debate about coal in the global energy supply suite. The paper draws heavily on factual information to highlight why coal production has increased sharply in recent times and why it is likely to continue to increase for the next 20 years. The paper discusses some of the hurdles that need to be overcome and suggests a sensible path forward before the world can transition to a fossil fuel free energy supply base over the course of the next century.


The Case for Australian Equities in Retirement

Arnhem White Paper: In this paper we look at the role that Australian equities can play in retirement. Historically Australian equities have been a good source of retirement income. This paper builds on our FSI submission and looks at the actual income generated by the Arnhem core fund.


The Child Care Sector

Arnhem has had a close look at the education sector in Australia. The child care sector is a subset of this. In this short video we explain some of the industry dynamics of the child care sector and why we find this sector interesting.


Financial System Inquiry Submission

Arnhem has made a submission to the Financial System Inquiry’s (FSI) second round of consultation. Our Key message are:

  • Active Management: Through the review of the wholesale league tables, there is at least superficial evidence that in the Australian context, active management adds value after wholesale fees.
  • Income Stream Product: Equities are a good source of retirement earnings, especially in the context of life expectancies of almost 20 years.

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